Mobile App Development

We develop mobile apps, targeting both Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. Using our single-source,cross-platform development approach, apps are developed once and deployed to multiple targeted platforms.Often building a mobile app is just the first component of an enterprise system. With our experience in building and operating high-demand, enterprise-grade business systems, you can rest assured that your app will scale.

We helped a client develop his idea into a mobile app. In the first phase, we focused on transforming his idea concept into a workable development plan. This involved fleshing out the idea, building professionally designed mockups, creating an initial data set, and preparing a preliminary schedule for implenting the app, which provided overall scope and cost estimates.

In the second phase, we focused on branding and naming the app, building the user interface, implementing the necessary backend functionality, and deploying to the app stores.

Web Application Development

The speed that technologies advance means that your applications have to be flexible and custom fit to your business. We develop and maintain web applications to provide the best user experience and ensure the critical integrations continue to produce the expected results.

Using our teamsourcing approach, we provided a local digital marketing agency with a
development team that operated as an extension of the client’s team. Their flagship web-based application had a number of issues that made it difficult and frustrating for staff to use. They were also trying to increase revenue streams by moving the business into additional markets and needed a development team to design and prototype and eventually implement changes to the system to support the new markets.

Teamsourcing uses fractional resources to make the development team more
cost-effective than if the same number of resources with the same skillsets were hired directly by the client. It enables additional staff with specialized skillsets to roll on and off the team as needed to minimize costs.

Legacy Software Maintenance and Modernization

The key challenges that most face with mobile and web applications are integrating them into existing infrastructure systems and business process. We’ve worked with clients of all sizes to build systems that not only improve their business processes, but increase efficiency and streamline access and ease of use of the critical information needed to get things done.

Our client developed a Microsoft Windows-based application that was installed at a U.S. international airport. The application was used to coordinate the resources needed to ensure aircraft cabins and lavatories were cleaned during the brief, frequently changing periods between an aircraft’s arrival and departure. The application’s previous developer had left the client without anyone to maintain his production operations. He needed a team with proven Dev-Ops experience to provide 24×7 support response for production issues.

The system consistent of a Windows-based client-side application, an Android-based client-side mobile app, and various server-side components that performed the heavy-lifting schedule coordination and optimizations. Our team had to rapidly ramp-up for the project to resolve existing production issues, to support a new end-client with unique requirements and to support our client’s existing Android developer.